Our Process

Project Valuation Methodology

Our international team of crypto experts, researchers, analysts, veteran gamers and entrepreneurs combine their extensive expertise and experience to systematically evaluate NFT-gaming projects across the quickly growing sector.
The team applies a combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis of each NFT-gaming project across 7 core components.
Each component is independently evaluated based on our proprietary model. Through these various composite models a total of over 600 data points are collected, assessed and evaluated, resulting in a weighted average rating score for each of the core components.

These scores are then combined and averaged to provide the overall Gamelabs rating.

Due to the nascent nature of the blockchain and NFT gaming space, these models and weightings are constantly reassessed to ensure relevance, reliability and accuracy.
The emphasis placed on scoring components is determined by our experts’ perspectives of a project success, namely highly impact qualities and investor value. The objective of the final rating is to assist higher risk investors with their investment research.

We employ expert level research to highlight high potential opportunities and inform investors of potential risks